Snorkmaiden - Moomin Lights

Snorkmaiden is Moomintroll’s friend and playmate. They like each other a lot and love hanging out together. Snorkmaiden is happy and energetic by her nature.

Snorkmaiden is a daydreamer and often imagines what her prince charming will be like. She is also a little vain and flirtatious, but can be very resourceful when she’s in a tight spot.

Snorkmaiden has a fringe, which she always keeps neatly combed. She also wears a golden anklet. We first meet the Snorkmaiden in the second book of the Moomin series, Comet in Moominland.

Niiskuneiti - Snorkmaiden - Moomin Lights

The Snorkmaiden light is designed to remind each and every one of us to dream. 

The Snorkmaiden lamp comes in two different sizes, 30 cm and 50 cm height. The Moomin Light series is designed by Harri Koskinen and manufactured in Finland - origin of the Moomins! 
Niiskuneiti - Snorkmaiden - Moomin Lights