Moomintroll - Moomin Lights

Have you met Moomintroll yet?
He’s an agreeable fellow who’s interested in everything he sees. The world is full of exciting things to investigate, but Moomintroll particularly loves collecting rocks and shells. He also loves the sea, as does the whole Moomin family.
Moomintroll is always happy when he’s spending time with his friends. He has great faith in his friends and gets worried if one of them is unhappy. Moomintroll is very sensitive himself, but he never bears a grudge.
Moomintroll thinks that Moominvalley is the safest and most interesting place in the world. That’s why he’s so curious and brave – he can fulfil his desire to understand strange things and weird creatures without the need to fear them.
We meet Moomintroll right away in the first Moomin book, The Moomins and the Great Flood. Moomintroll is easily recognisable from his gentle, round appearance and the tuft on the end of his tail. All Moomins have large eyes and small ears.
Muumipeikko - Moomintroll - Moomin Lights

The Moomintroll light is designed to encourage each and everyone of us to have genuine curiosity.

The Moomintroll lamp creates soft and comforting light. The Moomin Light series is designed by Harri Koskinen and manufactured in Finland - origin of the Moomins! The Moomintroll lamp comes in three different sizes and the large one is also available for outdoor use.

Muumipeikko - Moomintroll - Moomin Lights